EFJ: Invitation to a briefing on the European Media Freedom Act and anti-SLAPP legislation

Invitation to an informative briefing with journalists on the European Press Freedom Act and anti-SLAPP legislation.

Renate Schroeder, director of the EFJ, closely monitoring the EMFA, and Camille Petit, senior policy and communication officer, closely monitoring the anti-SLAPP directive, will be happy to inform you and answer your questions on behalf of the European Federation of Journalists, which represents journalists’ unions and professional associations in Europe.

We actively talked about both draft texts with great implications for journalists, the media, freedom of the media and democracy in general. We have recently raised concerns about the Council’s positions, which we see as dangerous moves.

Since the coming months will be crucial, ahead of the trialogue negotiations, we are working to discuss these laws in detail with you and experts from civil society organizations, including EDRI and EPD – especially the issues related to journalists, loopholes and positive elements.

When: July 16 at 2 p.m

Where: Press Club Brussels

For those not in Brussels, interested in the details of the EMFA, and in particular the dangerous amendments to Article 4 (protection of sources), you can watch the event live at the following link:


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