“Youth Media”: educating young people about media literacy

Ilijaš, 29.11.2021.- Youth organization “USE THE DAY-CARPE DIEM” has successfully implemented all activities of the project “Youth Media”, which was launched with the aim of promoting and educating young people about media literacy, independent journalism and media pluralism, and developing critical opinions of young people in the municipality of Ilijaš through podcasts.

During the implementation of the project, two trainings were held for young members of the journalism section who had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of media workers, and to go through a normal working day of journalists with educator dr. Amer Dzihana in search of truth and relevant information for citizens in local communities. In addition, the participants went through the basic elements of media and information literacy, and discussed the digital environment in which the media and other information providers operate.

As part of the project, info posters were created with the aim of promoting media literacy and preventing hate speech, as well as 10 podcasts that can be found on the YouTube channel Youth Media.

The podcasts covered a wide range of topics, from peacebuilding, music, education, sports, to politics, film, media and journalism, social media and inclusion. The team that worked on the Youth Media project tried to find something that could be interesting to young people in each recorded podcast, and serve as an occasion for them to change something in themselves and find motivation to improve the environment, but also in themselves.

Ivo Podković, Meliha Mešetović, Neno Murić, Enisa Mešetović, Kerim Čutuna, Muhamed Kadrić, Emela Burdžović, Mirza Mustafagić, Vedran Zubić and Aziz Đipa were the guests of the podcast.

“It was a pleasure to realize this project. Media literacy in the present world is becoming just as important as general literacy. We are happy about the fact that young people, including high school students, were given the opportunity to develop and improve media literacy and that they took advantage of it. In addition to the above, young people were given the opportunity for a different source of information that is important to them, in the form of podcasts. Not only are young people given the opportunity for a different source of information, but if we take a step back, the young people who make up the team are enabled to be creative and create podcasts in their own way. Now, after the completion of the project, new ideas for further recording of podcasts appear and I consider it a great success! I would like to thank our donors, the BH Journalists Association and the Association of Electronic Media in BiH who, with the support of the European Union, implemented the project Free Media for a Free Society, thus giving smaller associations the opportunity to develop media literacy in their communities. I would also like to thank the team that, with minor obstacles and great success, realized the project. The team consists of: Melisa Polovina, Ilhan Bulbul, Merjem Dedović, Hrustem Beširević and Aiša Valjevac, as well as our external associate Enisa Mešetović, Ilijas Youth Officer. ” points out Elma Glamoč, president of the Youth Organization “USE THE DAY – CARPE DIEM”.

The project “Youth Media” implemented by the Association Youth Organization “USE THE DAY – CARPE DIEM” is part of the “Small Grants Program” within the project “Free Media for a Free Society”, implemented by the BH Journalists Association in cooperation with the Association of Electronic Media in BiH, and with the support of the European Union.

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