We can do it differently!

Last night, the citizens of Banja Luka had the opportunity to see an exhibition of photographs at the Youth Center, visit a mini fair and get their copy of the magazine “it can be different”.

By: Snježana Aničić, Cover photo: Snježana Aničić

This is the final event of the project of the same name, “It can be different”, which was realized by the citizens’ association eTrafika.net during the past five months. During that period, 17 high school students and citizens underwent training in the field of photo, online and radio journalism, and then, under the mentorship of the editor, created media content that was published on the eTrafika portal and the podcast of the Oštra Nula association.

Milkica Đurić, Svjetlana Panić, Maja Savković, Andrea Šurlan, Dragana Mihaljčić, Dunja Rujević, Danica Nenadić, Dženana Memišević, Dženita Strukan, Amra Bajrović, Ernada Avdibegović, Ena Šehić, Kemal Alijagić, Nevena Zelenika, Ivan Bojanic, Nikola Kurija and Natasa Lazukic worked diligently on photographs, texts and radio reports. You can view and download the magazine at this link. If you want to listen to the shows, click here.

Coordinator and editor Mirnes Bakija says that the previous period was actually mutual learning. His task is part of the project participants to learn online journalism, but at the same time he learned from them and matured professionally.

“I sincerely hope that the postcards will continue to study and improve, and some of them will choose journalism as their life path. If they decide to do so, I believe that it will be the real professional journalism, where all ethical norms are respected, but also where we talk about the positive sides of society, to show that we can do differently. What I would like to add is that I am proud of the entire eTrafika team, who have always been professional, inclusive, faithful and consistent in their mission of journalism”, said Mirnes Bakija.

The warm atmosphere of the members of the choir from the Association for Support of Families, Individuals and the Community in Mental Health “Together” also greatly contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of the event. Among others, the verses “I ask for the right to vote for miracles, I ask for life to serve people, I still ask for love in all breasts”, performed by this choir, resounded in the Youth Center.

Among the exhibitors at the fair were European champion and bronze Paralympian Stevan Crnobrnja, soaps “SaponiFly” by Dijana Markuš, unique furniture workshop “Veronika Atelier”, Foundation “For the Family”, Association “Together” and the consulting line Blue Phone.

The project was implemented with the support of the BH Journalists Association and the European Union.

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