Improving the capacity of women’s organizations in the field of media literacy

Bratunac, 29.07.2021.- Improving the capacity of two women’s civil society organizations in the municipality of Bratunac to strengthen the skills of marginalized categories of women in the field of media literacy is the focus of the project “Joint for better media literacy in the municipality of Bratunac” implemented by the Women’s Association “Nature” and “Maja” from this municipality.

Within the project, a workshop with 15 participants has been held so far, with the aim of establishing cooperation between representatives of the civil sector, local government and media in order to identify problems causing misinformation and hate speech, and create a “critical mass” and a platform for joint resolution. problems.
Željana Pjevalica from the Association of Women “Nature” says that this platform should be incorporated into the Communication Strategy at the local level in order to increase media literacy. “During the workshop, we concluded that such activities are necessary for this community, given that the topic is very current and that so far there have been no similar activities in the local community. Also, cooperation in the following activities has been agreed, in order to realize them in the best and highest quality way. “

During the five months of the project, research will be conducted to better understand the habits of using the media as a means of public information and the level of media literacy in the municipality of Bratunac, with an emphasis on marginalized categories of women. There will also be two educational workshops on media literacy for 30 women from different marginalized categories (rural women, returnees, women at risk of violence, women with disabilities), and a campaign to raise awareness of the need to increase media literacy in to the local community through the printing and distribution of promotional educational leaflets and radio shows.

The project “Joint for better media literacy in the municipality of Bratunac” implemented by the Association of Women “Nature” and “Maja” is part of the “Small Grants Program” within the project “Free Media for a Free Society”, implemented by the BH Journalists Association in cooperation with the Association of Electronic media in BiH, with the support of the European Union.

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