A man who threatened the journalist of “EuroBlic” was fined 700 BAM


Banja Luka, June 14, 2021 – The Basic Court in Banja Luka sentenced the man M.P., who threatened the journalist of “EuroBlic” Milkica Milojević, to a fine of 700 BAM and compensation of court costs.

In February 2019, M.P. called the editorial office of “EuroBlic” dissatisfied with the article published by this media, with curses and threats to journalist Milojević. The case ended at the Basic Court in Banja Luka, where, based on a plea agreement, the accused M.P. was imposed a fine.

– Before concluding the agreement with the accused, the prosecutor called me and asked if I had any objections. I said I didn’t mind because he’s a person of modest income, so I believe this fine will be enough of a warning to him not to threaten journalists again. However, I also told the prosecutor that I would seek damages in the proceedings and demand a public apology from the accused. Unfortunately, the court did not accept my two requests and that is why I am very dissatisfied – says Milkica Milojević, and adds that she will consider the possibility of initiating civil proceedings.

– I am struck by the fact that someone gives himself the right to threaten journalists. I was not even the author of that “disputed” article, so that man threatened me only because I am a journalist – Milojević emphasizes.

After the verdict passed by the Municipal Court in Ljubuški in the case of Martina Mlinarević, this is another case that was resolved thanks to the engagement of the Free Media Help Line (FMHL) of BH Journalists Association. In the last few months the courts in BiH have handed down six verdicts and decisions in favor of journalists, freelancers and bloggers who have been victims of hate speech and threats with the intention of endangering safety, which is a positive indicator of greater efficiency of the judiciary and public institutions in protecting the right to freedom of expression.

In addition to free legal aid, BH Journalists and FMHL have established constant monitoring of cases with the judiciary, police and all other institutions responsible for protecting media freedom and safety of journalists, in order to measure the effectiveness of their actions in protecting media professionals.


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