Webinars on media literacy for civil society organizations in BiH

Sarajevo, March 19, 2021 – BH Journalists Association organizes four workshops / webinars on media literacy for representatives of civil society organizations in BiH through the Zoom platform, in order to get better acquainted with this topic, but also to strengthen their capacities in this areas.

The webinar consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part includes lectures and discussion on the role and importance of media and new media technologies in modern society, defining media literacy as well as five basic concepts of media literacy. Through five concepts of media literacy, participants will be introduced to topics such as recognizing misinformation, propaganda, fake news as an integral part of modern mainstream media, the role of youtuber as a new opinion maker and hero of the new digital age, different ways of verifying media content, defining the concepts of post truth and echo silos (filter bubble), ways of reproducing stereotypes and values ​​in modern media, etc.

During the practical part, participants will have the opportunity to think about how it is possible to apply the acquired knowledge (during the workshop but also asynchronously during the preparation before the workshop) in the work of their NGOs. In other words, it will be necessary to specifically design a specific activity or plan of activities (workshops, research, production of video material, a series of video interviews, etc.), target group, goals, etc. which could be useful in order to further develop awareness of the importance of media literacy.

The educator is an expert in media literacy doc. dr. Vuk Vučetić, and workshops will be held:

-24  March at 11:00-14: 00

-31 March at 11:00-14: 00

– April 7 at 11:00-14: 00

– April 14 at 11:00-14: 00

If you want to attend a workshop, please fill out the online application: https://forms.gle/4936jkbJYgqWChFj6

The organizer will also prepare certificates of participation for all participants.

The workshop is part of the project “Free Media for a Free Society”, implemented by the BH Journalists Association in cooperation with the Association of Electronic Media in BiH with the support of the European Union, with the aim of strengthening independent and free journalism in local communities, as well as the application of European standards of freedom of expression and access of citizens to quality and objective information.

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