BH Journalists Association’s User’s Guide to Copyright for Journalists

Given that there is no single manual in BiH with an overview of legal acts, international conventions and articles of the Code related to the copyright of journalists, the project partners have created a User’s Guide to Copyright for Journalists in BiH in order to inform and educating media workers about the legal possibilities and institutional capacities available to them, in case of copyright infringement. The authors of the Guide are experts in the field of copyright and journalism, as well as representatives of institutions and media organizations, which have been working for years to improve the position of media professionals in BiH, and members of the Multisectoral Team for Copyright Protection of Journalists and Media. In accordance with the areas of activity, the authors gave a number of recommendations and steps that a media professional can take to act preventively and protect himself, ie to react if his author’s work is stolen, reproduced, or published unsigned.

A practicum is available here.

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