BH JOURNALISTS: Public protest to the mayor of Srebrenica

Sarajevo, March 19, 2024 – Board of Directors of the BH Journalists Association (BHJA) and the Helpline for Journalists send a public protest to the head of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujičić, due to the vulgar curses and threats he sent to the retired journalist Marinko Sekulić.

Chief Grujičić called the journalist Sekulić on the phone on Sunday evening and on that occasion cursed his mother, threatening to “remember” him, and for several hours continued to harass the journalist by sending him inappropriate messages and primitive insults. Sekulić assumes that the mayor of Srebrenica reacted with curses and threats after this journalist shared an article on Facebook from one of the portals in which Grujičić and his family life are mentioned. Considering the seriousness of the threats, Sekulić immediately informed the police and asked for protection.

Board of Directors of the BHJA strongly condemns the threats and considers them a gross threat to Marinko Sekulić’s safety and an attack on his professional and human integrity. It is particularly worrisome that Grujučić holds a public office in the Municipality of Srebrenica, paid with public money, and that through unprovoked, verbal violence towards Sekulić, he can influence the behavior of his followers towards this journalist who lives in Srebrenica with his family.

The Steering Committee of BHJA calls on the Srebrenica police to urgently investigate this case, call the chief Mladen Grujičić for questioning and take legal measures to sanction his violent behavior. At the same time, the legal team of the Helpline for Journalists (FMHL) will provide colleague Sekulić with adequate legal assistance so that this case can be adequately processed before judicial institutions and conducted in accordance with international standards for the protection of the rights and safety of journalists.

Board of Directors of the Association/BH Journalists Association

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